Dana_Gibson_Licensed_Page_ImageTrendy fabrics have become colorful and fanciful this year.
How fun! Lots of huge prints are showing up emblazoned in bright, clear colors in a surprising assortment of chromatic combinations. Hot pink is paired with orange. Red and purple hues happily occupy the same pattern. Traditional drapery designs are pumped up with big, bold patterns in loud cheerful colors.
I, personally, love the combination of classic furniture frames finished in bright painted colors applied in unusual ways. And the sofas and chairs upholstered in vividly dramatic fabrics are yummy. These new finishes and fabrics on classically styled furniture keeps traditional styles new and relevant.
A couple of years ago this style was introduced as “traditional with a twist”. Today it is recognized as an exciting, well accepted norm in home decor and design.
The acceptance of this new bright color palate is due to the changes in fabrics. Light bright fabrics, including white, are practical in most homes today. Many new fabrics are “performance fabrics”, meaning that they perform well and clean up well. Some are even recommended for indoor or outdoor applications.
No, grandma never had the choices we have today. My Great Aunt Susie liked light fabrics “back in the day,” but, she had her sofas wrapped in plastic. They did stay nice and clean, but soon the plastic film became dull and yellow. And it also, sort of, crunched under your uhh… weight. Not pleasant.

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plans and colorI know, you have seen hundreds of do-it yourself interior design shows, and they are great! I love them myself. But, let’s face it, they may be able to slap together a room in a weekend for a pittance but, think about it… How many people do they have on their staff to be able to do that? Not too many of us can create a beautiful, well organized room in a week end?
An excellent interior designer can. But, the planning that goes into a room happens weeks or even months before the installation day, and it is very time intensive.
Accurate measuring is an important first step to a beautiful, functional design. A precision drawn floor plan is imperative for furniture and drapery planning. Scale drawings will help you to successfully tailor the size of your new furnishings to the size of your room.
Draw the whole floor plan, including doors and windows. Draw the whole wall for pictures and collages, And, of course the whole wall and window for drapery. Draw in the pieces you are adding to your decor. How does it look? Seeing i Color selections must be thought through thoroughly as well. Usually a pallet of three colors is chosen. If you are not sure of a color scheme, find a fabric, a wallpaper or a picture with colors you like. You can build on that. Work with fabric samples and paint chips until you find a palette you are comfortable with.
As you can imagine, implementation of the proper design steps is very time consuming, but once these basic steps have been taken, you will enjoy shopping with the confidence of knowing you have done the work to in your decisions.
If you do not feel you have the time to dedicate to such a project, our experienced interior design team will be invaluable to you. You can accomplish all you want with our three step program.
We will visit you in your home, take measurements and photos of the area you want to work on. We will conduct a thorough interview to ascertain exactly what your likes and dislikes are, along with exactly what you want to achieve. After all, we know what we like, but you are the leader of this project!
We will take it from there. Instead of investing many hours of your time, we will do the drawing and the research in our studio where you will have a second meeting to be presented with a custom designed plan.
Our home visits start at $200.00 and most are applicable to purchases made through our studio.

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FABRICUTInterior design has always placed great emphasis on texture, pattern and structure in decorative fabrics, but, making a grand entrance in home decor this year is the use of large geometric patterns. Sophisticated windows, as well as furniture, are sporting classic, traditional designs dressed in boldly exaggerated patterns. They are modern and dramatic, presented in light, bright patterns as well as soft, pastel colors. Mixed in with textured fabrics, they are sensational!

Simple drapery designs are infused with excitement as they proudly display their large, overstated patterns. Traditional interiors are new and exciting again. No, it’s not your grandma’s idea of traditional decorating. Patterns include large damasks, Moorish patterns, stripes, flowers and vines as well as an occasional Bird.

Drapery designs run the gamut from ultra simple, well-made pairs of panels to multi-layered treatments consisting of many different fabrics and trims. Well-designed window treatments are also extremely important to the functionality of the room, providing light control and privacy. They can complement and enhance the architecture of the room and, sometimes, camouflage poor and flawed architectural details.

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Excitement about the coming summer party season, and the associated entertaining, can be mixed with dread as it focuses attention on our homes… (WOW! Has it really been eight years since we bought our furniture?) Our WOW factor may not be exactly what the decorating magazines refer to…

We suddenly feel a desperate need for some quick, but impact-full, home decorating. Take heart, an exciting new decor can be achieved without having to completely refurnish your home. Great accessories will bring excitement, style and color to an existing room, thus creating an updated personality. Try this:

  • SURVEY your “public” rooms with a critical eye.
  • PURGE everything you would not purchase today.
  • REPLACE tired accessories with newer updated accessories. Yeah, shopping!

New pillows in fresh new colors on an existing sofa will make a big statement for a small price.
Large up-to-date lamps are a “must have” for an updated look. Yes, the skinny little Buffet lamps we loved 10 years ago have to go.
Artwork on the walls must be large and impactful. pictures hung in pairs or organized groups will balance the large furniture in a family/great room. Remember, large accessories create excitement, while many small accessories and pictures create a cluttered chaos.

Make it easy for yourself, bring your photos into our showroom for some personal help with your accessorizing. Or, even better, make an appointment with Becky or Mary for an in-home accessory call. After all, a party should be fun, even for the. Host!

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2299Yes, “Agony and Ecstasy”. At the risk of being way over the line, egotistically speaking, by the use of the title of a book written about Michelangelo, I will explain…
First an excellent designer is truly a fine artist. Each canvas includes the expected visuals, but also creates or enhances personal lifestyles. As professional Interior Designers – just as Michelangelo did with the Popes – we work at the whim of our clients. They, after all, support us.

We also are often subject to the whims of our suppliers. It is pure agony when things we ordered for a client don’t come in on time or arrive at our warehouse damaged. Or, even worse, when  they are discontinued in the middle of a project. In today’s fast paced world, this seems to happen more often. We accept the responsibility and experience the frustration of disappointing our clients when these unforeseen problems arise.

Happily, the ecstasies out number the agonies by far. I have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career. With this blog, I hope to create an understanding of good and practical interior design and share some of our projects, and the problems we have encounter as well as how we solved them through design.

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