2-Small-Living-Room-Decorating-IdeasSpring, finally! Along with he warmer weather, comes the celebrations. Most weddings, graduations, anniversary parties and back yard barbecues are done at this time of year. So… How does your house look?

Take an objective look at your surroundings. Has anyone ever described your home as “dated”? Have you gone 10 years without buying anything new for your home? Are you ready to celebrate life’s big events? Can you proudly entertain guests in your home? Or do you need something fresh and new in your home?

Living in a beautiful, well designed atmosphere creates pride and joy every day. And it means you can proudly entertain guests on a moment’s notice.

It is fiscally responsible to keep your biggest investment updated and current. New furniture, drapery and fresh paint gives a “new house” feel to a home. Sometimes it only takes a stylish new chair and some matching pillows to perk up a room. Other times a full makeover is necessary.

Spring also a time when people think about moving. Sometimes an interior designer is called in to update a home when it is for sale. A Good Idea, although a little late. When a home is for sale, and has not been updated, perspective buyers probably wonder what elsehas been neglected.PILLOWS

Often homeowners are too familiar with their surroundings to be impartial, so engaging the services of an interior designer makes excellent sense. A professional interior designer with years of experience and many resources will create something wonderful for you. This is also fiscally responsible since updating a home properly is a priority in maximizing a home’s value.

Most important,  you will have a home that is a joy to come home to and an environment that will gather many admiring compliments from your guests.


About Mary Lujan

I have worked as a professional interior designer and retailer for 35 years. My incredibly talented daughter, Becky, has worked with me for over twenty years in our design studio, in downtown Rochester, Michigan, HEPPLEWHITE’S STUDIO ON MAIN STREET, we have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career for each of us. We love creating beautiful, pleasant and above all, functional living spaces for our clients.
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