Is the winter wonderland we live in is getting a little less wonder-land and a little more “wonder when it will end”? We look out our windows on that dull, drab world that surrounds us and long for some color in our lives.

One great way to chase away those Blahs and lift are spirits is to frame those gloomy windows with bright new drapery!
New window treatments will create that special ambiance that we are looking for. While we know what we need, we have no idea how to achieve the perfect draperies for a room, so this is the time to call in a professional Interior Designer, one trained to give incredible style to a room. Often we know our windows need something, but we are unsure of how to choose the right design for our unique home. While there are many “ready made” drapery panels and toppers available in numerous stores, they never seem to be “just right” for our individual windows. Shopping for drapery is time consuming and can be confusing, raising questions such as: How long should my drapery panels be? How wide? How full? Should they be lined? What kind of lining? Is a valance enough? How deep? How deep should the hems be? Pleats? What fabric? What color? What rods? How high? Dressy or casual? YIKES! It goes on and on. These questions need to be answered in order to make wise decisions.

Hepplewhite’s design staff in downtown Rochester, specialize in drapery of all types. They can answer all of these questions. They will assess the total room, taking into account color, scale and of course, your style preferences.Surface_4
“We love the challenge of designing custom window treatments for large, dramatic, two story windows. Often we include power lift blinds for practical light control.” States Becky Stoitsiadis, Hepplewhite’s head designer, “We also understand the importance of visually increasing the size of smaller windows, creating options that will enhance their drama and elegance in a room. Whether your windows are large or small, your taste simple or elaborate, our design team has the experience and ability to create the best possible design for you. We will also respect your budget.”
Custom designed drapery will save both time and money, as well as eliminate the chance of mistakes, making custom window treatments the perfect fiscally responsible choice for today’s savvy consumer.

Along with our professional design services we include: Paint selection, Blinds, furniture space planning, accessorizing and remodeling materials selections.


About Mary Lujan

I have worked as a professional interior designer and retailer for 35 years. My incredibly talented daughter, Becky, has worked with me for over twenty years in our design studio, in downtown Rochester, Michigan, HEPPLEWHITE’S STUDIO ON MAIN STREET, we have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career for each of us. We love creating beautiful, pleasant and above all, functional living spaces for our clients.
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