Dana_Gibson_Licensed_Page_ImageTrendy fabrics have become colorful and fanciful this year.
How fun! Lots of huge prints are showing up emblazoned in bright, clear colors in a surprising assortment of chromatic combinations. Hot pink is paired with orange. Red and purple hues happily occupy the same pattern. Traditional drapery designs are pumped up with big, bold patterns in loud cheerful colors.
I, personally, love the combination of classic furniture frames finished in bright painted colors applied in unusual ways. And the sofas and chairs upholstered in vividly dramatic fabrics are yummy. These new finishes and fabrics on classically styled furniture keeps traditional styles new and relevant.
A couple of years ago this style was introduced as “traditional with a twist”. Today it is recognized as an exciting, well accepted norm in home decor and design.
The acceptance of this new bright color palate is due to the changes in fabrics. Light bright fabrics, including white, are practical in most homes today. Many new fabrics are “performance fabrics”, meaning that they perform well and clean up well. Some are even recommended for indoor or outdoor applications.
No, grandma never had the choices we have today. My Great Aunt Susie liked light fabrics “back in the day,” but, she had her sofas wrapped in plastic. They did stay nice and clean, but soon the plastic film became dull and yellow. And it also, sort of, crunched under your uhh… weight. Not pleasant.


About Mary Lujan

I have worked as a professional interior designer and retailer for 35 years. My incredibly talented daughter, Becky, has worked with me for over twenty years in our design studio, in downtown Rochester, Michigan, HEPPLEWHITE’S STUDIO ON MAIN STREET, we have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career for each of us. We love creating beautiful, pleasant and above all, functional living spaces for our clients.
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