plans and colorI know, you have seen hundreds of do-it yourself interior design shows, and they are great! I love them myself. But, let’s face it, they may be able to slap together a room in a weekend for a pittance but, think about it… How many people do they have on their staff to be able to do that? Not too many of us can create a beautiful, well organized room in a week end?
An excellent interior designer can. But, the planning that goes into a room happens weeks or even months before the installation day, and it is very time intensive.
Accurate measuring is an important first step to a beautiful, functional design. A precision drawn floor plan is imperative for furniture and drapery planning. Scale drawings will help you to successfully tailor the size of your new furnishings to the size of your room.
Draw the whole floor plan, including doors and windows. Draw the whole wall for pictures and collages, And, of course the whole wall and window for drapery. Draw in the pieces you are adding to your decor. How does it look? Seeing i Color selections must be thought through thoroughly as well. Usually a pallet of three colors is chosen. If you are not sure of a color scheme, find a fabric, a wallpaper or a picture with colors you like. You can build on that. Work with fabric samples and paint chips until you find a palette you are comfortable with.
As you can imagine, implementation of the proper design steps is very time consuming, but once these basic steps have been taken, you will enjoy shopping with the confidence of knowing you have done the work to in your decisions.
If you do not feel you have the time to dedicate to such a project, our experienced interior design team will be invaluable to you. You can accomplish all you want with our three step program.
We will visit you in your home, take measurements and photos of the area you want to work on. We will conduct a thorough interview to ascertain exactly what your likes and dislikes are, along with exactly what you want to achieve. After all, we know what we like, but you are the leader of this project!
We will take it from there. Instead of investing many hours of your time, we will do the drawing and the research in our studio where you will have a second meeting to be presented with a custom designed plan.
Our home visits start at $200.00 and most are applicable to purchases made through our studio.


About Mary Lujan

I have worked as a professional interior designer and retailer for 35 years. My incredibly talented daughter, Becky, has worked with me for over twenty years in our design studio, in downtown Rochester, Michigan, HEPPLEWHITE’S STUDIO ON MAIN STREET, we have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career for each of us. We love creating beautiful, pleasant and above all, functional living spaces for our clients.
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