Excitement about the coming summer party season, and the associated entertaining, can be mixed with dread as it focuses attention on our homes… (WOW! Has it really been eight years since we bought our furniture?) Our WOW factor may not be exactly what the decorating magazines refer to…

We suddenly feel a desperate need for some quick, but impact-full, home decorating. Take heart, an exciting new decor can be achieved without having to completely refurnish your home. Great accessories will bring excitement, style and color to an existing room, thus creating an updated personality. Try this:

  • SURVEY your “public” rooms with a critical eye.
  • PURGE everything you would not purchase today.
  • REPLACE tired accessories with newer updated accessories. Yeah, shopping!

New pillows in fresh new colors on an existing sofa will make a big statement for a small price.
Large up-to-date lamps are a “must have” for an updated look. Yes, the skinny little Buffet lamps we loved 10 years ago have to go.
Artwork on the walls must be large and impactful. pictures hung in pairs or organized groups will balance the large furniture in a family/great room. Remember, large accessories create excitement, while many small accessories and pictures create a cluttered chaos.

Make it easy for yourself, bring your photos into our showroom for some personal help with your accessorizing. Or, even better, make an appointment with Becky or Mary for an in-home accessory call. After all, a party should be fun, even for the. Host!


About Mary Lujan

I have worked as a professional interior designer and retailer for 35 years. My incredibly talented daughter, Becky, has worked with me for over twenty years in our design studio, in downtown Rochester, Michigan, HEPPLEWHITE’S STUDIO ON MAIN STREET, we have a deep and abiding passion for design, which has led to a most rewarding and emotionally satisfying career for each of us. We love creating beautiful, pleasant and above all, functional living spaces for our clients.
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