2-Small-Living-Room-Decorating-IdeasSpring, finally! Along with he warmer weather, comes the celebrations. Most weddings, graduations, anniversary parties and back yard barbecues are done at this time of year. So… How does your house look?

Take an objective look at your surroundings. Has anyone ever described your home as “dated”? Have you gone 10 years without buying anything new for your home? Are you ready to celebrate life’s big events? Can you proudly entertain guests in your home? Or do you need something fresh and new in your home?

Living in a beautiful, well designed atmosphere creates pride and joy every day. And it means you can proudly entertain guests on a moment’s notice.

It is fiscally responsible to keep your biggest investment updated and current. New furniture, drapery and fresh paint gives a “new house” feel to a home. Sometimes it only takes a stylish new chair and some matching pillows to perk up a room. Other times a full makeover is necessary.

Spring also a time when people think about moving. Sometimes an interior designer is called in to update a home when it is for sale. A Good Idea, although a little late. When a home is for sale, and has not been updated, perspective buyers probably wonder what elsehas been neglected.PILLOWS

Often homeowners are too familiar with their surroundings to be impartial, so engaging the services of an interior designer makes excellent sense. A professional interior designer with years of experience and many resources will create something wonderful for you. This is also fiscally responsible since updating a home properly is a priority in maximizing a home’s value.

Most important,  you will have a home that is a joy to come home to and an environment that will gather many admiring compliments from your guests.

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Is the winter wonderland we live in is getting a little less wonder-land and a little more “wonder when it will end”? We look out our windows on that dull, drab world that surrounds us and long for some color in our lives.

One great way to chase away those Blahs and lift are spirits is to frame those gloomy windows with bright new drapery!
New window treatments will create that special ambiance that we are looking for. While we know what we need, we have no idea how to achieve the perfect draperies for a room, so this is the time to call in a professional Interior Designer, one trained to give incredible style to a room. Often we know our windows need something, but we are unsure of how to choose the right design for our unique home. While there are many “ready made” drapery panels and toppers available in numerous stores, they never seem to be “just right” for our individual windows. Shopping for drapery is time consuming and can be confusing, raising questions such as: How long should my drapery panels be? How wide? How full? Should they be lined? What kind of lining? Is a valance enough? How deep? How deep should the hems be? Pleats? What fabric? What color? What rods? How high? Dressy or casual? YIKES! It goes on and on. These questions need to be answered in order to make wise decisions.

Hepplewhite’s design staff in downtown Rochester, specialize in drapery of all types. They can answer all of these questions. They will assess the total room, taking into account color, scale and of course, your style preferences.Surface_4
“We love the challenge of designing custom window treatments for large, dramatic, two story windows. Often we include power lift blinds for practical light control.” States Becky Stoitsiadis, Hepplewhite’s head designer, “We also understand the importance of visually increasing the size of smaller windows, creating options that will enhance their drama and elegance in a room. Whether your windows are large or small, your taste simple or elaborate, our design team has the experience and ability to create the best possible design for you. We will also respect your budget.”
Custom designed drapery will save both time and money, as well as eliminate the chance of mistakes, making custom window treatments the perfect fiscally responsible choice for today’s savvy consumer.

Along with our professional design services we include: Paint selection, Blinds, furniture space planning, accessorizing and remodeling materials selections.

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The excitement about the coming Holiday party season, and the associated entertaining, can be mixed with dread as it brings attention to our homes. We may suddenly feel a desperate need for some quick but impact-full home decorating. However, a decorating makeover can be an intimidating idea. Many of us do not feel we have the expertise and the resources necessary to bring sophistication and design into our homes. For many of us, making decisions about what we need in order to create a beautiful room is very difficult. We are overcome with uncertainty; we just don’t know where to start.

So… start with a few new accessories! This is one place you can be truly unique. It’s all about you, Go for it, but do follow some guidelines. Think carefully about what you like as well as what the architecture of the room dictates. Study and save photos of rooms you love. What attracts you to these rooms? Identify the accessories and their placement that you find appealing.

The selection and placement of just the right accessories is just as important to the design of a room as is the furniture. Accessorizing brings elegance, style and color to a room, thus creating charm and personality.
crystal-highThis can be an especially challenging task in large rooms with several focal points. Many newer homes in our area were built with an open floor plan featuring high, soaring ceilings and huge two-story windows. Large, impressive accessories are needed to compliment the dramatic architecture. But, how large should wall decor be? What color? What materials? One picture — or three pictures? A pair of lamps — or just one? Our questions are unending. Existing furniture and drapery as well as the volume of space in the room will help to set some guidelines.

A few, well-chosen accessories arranged in groups or pairs will add impact to a design, while many small accessories scattered around the room create the appearance of clutter. The old cliche, “Bigger is better” applies. Choose large, dramatic pieces. Large-scale accessories are also desirable in smaller rooms, where they give an impression of more space. Look around your room with a critical eye. Purge anything you would not buy today.
BROWN RM. CROPPEDPlacing pictures in pairs and groups give them an importance that will compliment the scale of high ceilings and large furniture. Stack two or more pictures on a tall narrow wall. A collection of small prints can be grouped in a set of six, three over three. This unifies the collection and creates the illusion of one large piece of art. Some carefully selected pillows will also set a mood in a room. Choose bright happy colors or muted, sophisticated tones to create the ambiance in which you are comfortable.
PILLOWSThe right accessories, suitably placed, can really take a room design to a whole new level. Take before & after pictures of you work, they are amazing! They clearly show how you can transform a room with a few well chosen accessories. Remember, while does require some thought and work, it is not brain surgery! Relax and enjoy the process.

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“I don’t know what I like, but, I DO know what I DON’T like”. Interior designers cringe when a client begins a consultation with this extremely negative remark. Developing a design plan for someone who does not know what he or she likes is next to impossible! It presents a huge challenge, but, never fear, a great interior designer is trained to accept the challenge!
We understand that many people DO have a hard time identifying their personal design style, consequently, we spend a full hour interviewing our clients to ascertain insight into their personality, lifestyle and decorating preferences. This, along with an accurate assessment of the space and the home in which we will be working, will insure the development of a plan to find and showcase that fashion sense.



The struggle homeowners face when they attempt to create living spaces that reflect their individual style, and to identify their own unique taste, can be solved relatively easy. It is hiding in the closet!  You too, can decorate like a pro, just let your clothing choices guide you.      Take an inventory of your wardrobe choices. What colors did you choose most often? These will be the colors to work into your decorating choices. Did you choose more blouses and skirts, or casual shirts and comfortable pants?  Examine the fabrics you most often choose. Silky blouses and skirts mean you like a little more formality, such as silk drapes and traditional or transitional furnishings. Naturally, an abundance of well-worn jeans and tee shirts mean you like casual styles. Perhaps tweeds, leathers and distressed finishes are your preferences. Are your clothes colorful and eclectic in style? If so, you will be attracted to colorful collages. Lots of accessories in your closet dictates lots of accessories in your decorating. Do you most often select matching colors and patterns or contrasting hues? Follow a similar theme of colors, patterns  and textures through to your decorating choices. If you are comfortable wearing a lot of bright, bold color and pattern,  you will enjoy decorating your home in a similar fashion.



Shoes also say a lot about your taste. Lots of tennis shoes, loafers and flats mean your personal taste tends to fit well in a casual homey decor. While an abundance of high heels and dressy shoes call for a little more formality and symmetry in your home fashions. Funky boots mean funky unique furnishings, of course.
Do you own an abundance of dramatic scarves, belts or jewelry? If you do, you will like large, dramatic accessories. If you prefer less drama in your attire, you will be more comfortable in a simple, uncluttered environment.

Of course, there are many appropriate selections in between, but, the closet is a great place to start recognizing your style preferences to and develop a plan to create an ambiance that will be an expression of you and your lifestyle.
Now… wasn’t that easy? 🙂

If you are still confused, click on our website,  http://www.hepplewhites.com  or the icon on the right, we will help you!

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ACCESSORIES 2Have you ever wondered why your home never seems to feel finished or special? Just what is that elusive difference between “nice” and “WOW”?
Often the difference is as simple as choosing exciting accessories that are properly scaled for each room. Fewer, well-chosen accessories arranged in groups or pairs will add impact and drama to any design.
Many of the newer homes in our area were built with an open floor plan featuring high, soaring ceilings and huge two-story windows. Large, impressive accessories are a “must” to compliment the dramatic architecture in these rooms. Furniture, as well, should be chosen to match the volume of space in the room. In these rooms the cliché “bigger is better” applies. Large impactful accessories are also desirable in smaller rooms. They tend to give an impression of space.
Many small accessories scattered around a room gives the appearance of clutter. If you have lots of small “knickknacks” or collections that you cherish*, group them together with some larger pieces to ground them and to give them impact and importance.
1. PURGE old, outdated accessories. Note the word *cherish. Do not save something bought years ago unless you would purchase it again today.
mantle  no 2. GROUP accessories in clusters of three. This unifies the collection and gives the illusion of one focal point. A fireplace mantle or side table that is lined up with many small similarly sized accessories appears to be a disorganized platoon of little soldiers; ready to march off the edge! Collections are far more attractive in small vignettes. Groups of three can be grouped into larger groups of three.
3. VARY the sizes and finishes in each group. A grouping of accessories is far more interesting if it includes different sizes and finishes. Try to imagine your vignette fitting into a pyramid shape. A low pot with a feathery plant naccessory rules 1ext to a taller framed photo next too a tall lamp is a nicely varied group on a table, and simple to do.
Most important don’t take this task too seriously, do what you love and have fun!

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Life in the twenty-first Century means hectic, crowded schedules with no time to spare. Many modern couples are leading very demanding professional lives. Add to that, children that have ever more demanding schedules. While having a beautiful and functional home is a priority for most families, the planning, the shopping and the time wasted waiting for deliveries is not. Their talent and interests lie elsewhere.

Seasoned interior designers have the experience and resources to create a “Turnkey” set up of home furnishings in just a few hours,  providing an invaluable service.  Just imagine having a full room, or even a whole house, set up in just one day! Yes, this includes all furniture, accessories, drapery and bedding. A very few designers are equipped to produce such an “instant makeover”. We, along with the talented staff at Hepplewhite’s Interior Design Studio on Main Street in Rochester, are experienced in producing beautiful design plans for all styles and tastes and then organize and implement a full house set-up of furniture, drapery and accessories in a few hours.

The most important element in a successful design and installation is scale. Just as is true in clothing, one size does NOT fit all. Each floor plan and window treatment is meticulously measured and carefully drawn to scale, insuring proper balance in a room and a flawless installation.
Hepplewhite’s “instant makeover “ design service has been used in Florida, New York, Ohio, and many locations in Michigan. The Florida waterfront condo shown in these photos was delivered and installed in a day and a half. We arrived at 10:00 on Tuesday morning and we were finished at noon the next day.     We set all the furniture in place, laid out rugs, made beds and hung pictures and drapes. Our client was able to entertain that evening! This is a vacation home and the clients wanted to enjoy their home immediately.
The key to a smooth, successful installation is the ability to organize time and furnishings to produce a finished product in a predictable timeframe and within a controlled budget. One must be attentive to every detail in each project, no matter how small it is.
We love what we do and we are just as passionate about designing one small area as we are about designing a whole house. Many of our clients have enjoyed an “instant makeover” of accessories in an existing room. We measure and photograph a room and provide accessories to complement the homeowner’s current environment.”

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Final copy Show house cropped Pro Show house copy 2 Pro Show house-HEADBOARD

My daughter, Becky and I, were privileged to have designed the Feminine side of the master suite in the fabulous tudor mansion chosen by the JUNIOR LEAGUE OF DETROIT for their 2014 Designer’s Show House. We chose to depict Hollywood extravagance as the theme for this luxurious bedroom. The mood of the room is soft and elegant wearing calming shades of grey and blue.
The focal point of the room is the large raw silk tufted headboard, custom made for this project. The bedding is also custom designed and chosen to enhance the unrestrained luxury of the silk headboard and fur throw on the bed.
The custom drapery is a simple layered design allowing the luxury fabrics to make the statement. A large geometric print in grey and silver gives character to the design without any of busyness of some prints.
A wallpapered accent wall depicts silver stars of various sizes and shapes applied in a glittering relief pattern. The addition of furnishings finished in mirror and glass along with crystal in accessories imparts an overall sparkle to the neutral shades.
The case goods are reminiscent of Hollywood in it’s most glamorous heyday. Finishes include dark stained wood on the regency styled bookcases and mirror clad surfaces on the dresser.
Lots of mirror, silver and crystal were used in the accessories, they add a sense of opulence and elegance to the ambiance of the room. Most notable is the fabulous modern crystal chandelier dominating the ceiling of the space.
The chair and ottoman are designed for luxury and extreme comfort. Covered in a velvet tiger skin pattern, they combine function and fashion perfectly.
The 1930s Hollywood Regency style was a favorite of celebrities ranging from actress  Joan Crawford to the future First Lady, Nancy Reagan. The overall ambiance created is cool, relaxing and elegant, evocative of glamour days gone by… Yet thoroughly modern. 

Pro Show house-HEADBOARD

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